How To Bring People Into Your Business vs. Chasing Them

You're getting started creating a powerful, content packed, value filled, money making blog...

There are some things to consider, when using your blog for brand positioning + profit potential.

Blogging is my 2nd favorite method for drawing new clients + audiences into my business daily.

Obvi, the first is Instagram - which I use to direct people to the blog.

Then I go a step further, and use the blog to do the opposite - draw people in to me.

That's the magical part. 

Creating valuable content that will essentially bring people into my business daily.

I'm going to teach you exactly how I do this successfully, to reach hundreds of thousands weekly.

These people purchase my ebooks, courses, and coaching - and they become members of my private communities.

If you're wanting to build communities + sell your products, then this is perfect for you!

Let's get started...

For each post, you're going to consider some main elements to begin.

First, there's the point or goal for that post.

Each one of your blog posts should have a specific goal in mind; and by goal, I mean saleπŸ˜† 

Most go about this incorrectly. 

Your sell doesn't need to be listed there on the page.

In fact, you don't ever need to talk about the product.

You're going to focus on the story.

So your first goal is to think about the product you have.

Then, understand that each person coming into your brand has a desire to resonate with the message they feel is for them before ever wanting to think that you're selling them something.

In fact, most lose the opportunity for people to choose you, because you're forcing yourself on them initially.

So relax, you've got this. 

And you have what they need, want, + desire...

So tell your story. 

The story that will show them exactly why your product is the solution. Make sense?

For example...

You're selling your ebook on How To Skyrocket Your Success...

The story behind this connects to the person who needs or wants to be successful. No brainer!

But let's look deeper into this exact person

βœ… Pointer one would be: What types of things that person has struggled with that's keeping them from being successful.

βœ… Pointer 2: How you have also (or a customer - pick one "hero" to focus on...struggled with that thing. Something that made them feel they just weren't going to make it through.

βœ… Pointer 3: How your book gave them (get very specific) just what they needed to move from drab to fab...

βœ… Pointer 4: And then share how they are FEELING now that they've been skyrocketed to success...thanks to YOU

That's a full, whole, complete blog content post✍🏽

Opening, main pointers, then the transformation of the zero to the hero!

For today, I just want you to take a look at the blog posts you already have up (if any) and see how you can make them better!

Start going through to be sure that each one has a specific goal in mind. 

If you don't have a blog yet, just as well.

Begin thinking about your products and exactly what these elements break down into for each one.

Want more tips?

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